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Antiquities 63



Hari-Hara– Pitamaha image. Brahma portion of the sculpture is missing. Siva and Vishnu carved side by side in standing posture. Left side Shiva in standing posture with Jata-mukuta, bear karna , Kundala , Hara, Mekhla and Banmala. All hands are broken, mount Nandi , Parcharika and devotees are shown on the pedestal. Right to the shiva image the Vishnu image shown with kritimukuta, karakundala, hara, mekhla, Banmala and water deity (Ganga ?) shown on the pedestal. Some incarnations are shown on upper & lower part of parikara with mutilated chakra & shankha purus and devotees are also shown.

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Sr. No. Title Information
1 Accession / Registration No. 63
2 Title of object Hari-Hara– Pitamaha image
3 Type of object Sculpture
4 Date / Period 10th – 11th Century A.D.
5 Dynasty / Style Chandella dynasty
6 Provenance Khajuraho
7 Material Sand Stone
8 Measurement / Weight Height : 56 cms.
Width : 45 cms.
Thickness : 14 cms.
Fixed in showcase
9 Location at the museum Displayed in the museum (Vaisnava Gallery)