ASI Museum Khajuraho

Antiquities 1262



.Image of two armed Surya standing in samapada, wearing armour and high shoes, accompanied by the usual associated deities, viz., his two wives, the Asvinikumaras, Danda and Pingal, Aruna and Prithivi (missing) (in front between the legs of the god) and Usha and Pratyusha. The lord Brahama & Shiva has shown on the top part of the stele; seven horses depicted on pedestal. Both the hands of the god are broken.

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Sr. No. Title Information
1 Accession / Registration No. 1262
2 Title of object Surya
3 Type of object Sculpture
4 Date / Period 11th Century A.D.
5 Dynasty / Style Chandella dynasty
6 Provenance Khajuraho
7 Material Sand Stone
8 Measurement / Weight Height : 84 cms.
Width : 55 cms.
Thickness : 27 cms.
Extent & Fixed in pedestal
9 Location at the museum Displayed in the museum (Vaisnava Gallery)