ASI Museum Khajuraho

Antiquities 253



Four armed Siva seated in lalitasana, wearing jatabhara and other ornaments, holding (clockwise) (1) Varada (2) Flower (3) Broken and (4) Bowl; he is flanked by two devotees in anjali mudra, one on either side at the bottom, and similary by two worshippers at the top.

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Sr. No. Title Information
1 Accession / Registration No. 253
2 Title of object Four armed Siva
3 Type of object Sculpture
4 Date / Period 11th Century A.D.
5 Dynasty / Style Chandella dynasty
6 Provenance Khajuraho
7 Material Sand Stone
8 Measurement / Weight Height : 45 cms.
Width : 25 cms.
Thickness : 17 cms.
Fixed in Showcase
9 Location at the museum Displayed in the museum (Saiva Gallery)