ASI Museum Khajuraho

Antiquities 2072


Apsara bracket figure standing and playing with balls under canopy of tree. Complete body twisted to left at practically 1800. Holding one ball in right hand and with left holding her right breast. Another ball falling beside her left thigh. Head with traditional decoration and turned up. Neck ornamented and girdle around the waist. Figure wearing saree & Inscribed pedestal.

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Sr. No. Title Information
1 Accession / Registration No. 2072
2 Title of object Apsara
3 Type of object Sculpture
4 Date / Period 12th Century A.D.
5 Dynasty / Style Chandella dynasty
6 Provenance Khajuraho
7 Material Sand Stone
8 Measurement / Weight Height : 79 cms.
Width : 24 cms.
Thickness : 23 cms.
Extent & Fixed in pedestal
9 Location at the museum Displayed in the museum (Miscellaneous Gallery)